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Terrarium project (English version)



1- To set up the terrarium technically, you will need :

  • A terrarium > can be found in any petshop or you can recycle an old aquarium by adding a piece of glass on the top.
  • Clay balls > to cover the terrarium floor (1st layer).
  • A piece of polystyren > glue the openwork plants' pots on it. We used a glue gun to do so.
  • Plants > Choose dwarf plants, they won't grow too much (ask when you buy it). Examples : Fittonia sp, Syngonium sp, Pilea cadierei Sil, Nephrolepsis sp, Ficus pumila sp.
  • A piece of filter tissue > to cover clay balls and a part of the polystyren and pots (2nd layer).
  • Soil > This is the 3rd layer. Find a a kind of soil made from sphagnum moss. A soil with a little bit acidity (here PH 4.8) encourages plants growth.
  • Moss to clover everything (4th layer).

Les différents éléments peuvent être trouvés chez Truffaud.

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