CO2 monitoring on the roof of la Cité des sciences et de l'industrie

Historical CO2 monitoring in observation sites

Last hour average for "La Cité": 418.9 ppm (or 0,0419 %)

North Atlantic
Mace Head station (Ireland)

Mace Head is located in the northern hemisphere, on the west coast of Ireland. The CO2 measured at Mace Head is deeply influenced by the vegetation. This one is following a seasonal cycle with growing phase between March and September where plants are deeply absorbing CO2 (photosynthesis) and atmospheric CO2 concentration is decreasing. During the rest of the year, photosynthesis is less active: atmospheric CO2 concentration is rising.

The seasonal cycle is superimposed to the continuous CO2 increase in the atmosphere.

This continuous increase induced from human activities, from 1 to 3 ppmv per year is observed in all observation stations around the globe, even for those located far from human activity center.

Southern Indian Ocean
Amsterdam Island Ocean station (France)

Amsterdam Island is located in the southern hemisphere on a small island with very sparse vegetation in the middle of the Southern Ocean. The seasonal cycle is very weak because of lack of local vegetation and of the geographical situation.

The continuous increase of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is clearly depicted, even though the station is located far away from human activities centers.